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    Headlight washers - plastic face plates detached

    Hej all. Removing the front bumper a few months ago to install a structural bar for rally lamps, I neglected to remove the body-coloured pieces of trim that are basically cover plates for the two headlight washers. When the washers are operated, the stem protrudes forward out of the bumper...
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    Autocar: Subaru staying in Europe despite 2020 "disaster"

    There's a strange article in Autocar (UK motoring magazine) - stange because the by-line of the interview with International Motors boss John Hurtig seems to suggest IM are responsible for importing Subaru to all of continental Europe (it's just the UK, Ireland and Nordics). I think the bigger...
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    Changing summer/winter wheels - does TPMS make this difficult?

    We are barrelling through autumn in northern Sweden and approaching winter when we will be required to change to winter tyres. My MY2019 Levorg car was sold with two sets of wheels, and last winter was spent in the city where we did just fine with Nokian studless tyres. Now we live more rurally...
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    Driver-facing wing mirror repeater lights: different fuse?

    Hello everyone. The small driver-facing repeater indictor signals on the inside of the wing mirrors of my MY2019 Levorg have stopped working. The repeaters on the front-facing sides of the wing mirrors are working, however. Might they be on a different circuit which needs a new fuse? This...
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    Nordic members: winter driving lights

    Hello everyone. Since joining the forum and buying our MY2019 Levorg we have moved from the city to the countryside. We now live about 20km from the nearest highway down a sparsely populated gravel road. It's forested and there are a lot of moose around. Since we're around 64°N, in a couple of...
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    Rebooting CarPlay

    Hello. I have had a 2019MY Levorg with the CarPlay enabled head-unit since January. All fine until this week, when the system stopped loading CarPlay on my iPhone XR. I've swapped cables, updated the iPhone software (13.5) and tried both plugs beneath the head-unit. No luck. The cable and plug...
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    Downloadable PDF manuals?

    Hello all. Newbie here in the north of Sweden. First weekend with our MY2019 Levorg GT-S, and bedtime reading is substantially harder because all the manuals are in Swedish. Are manuals in English available anywhere to download? Thanks!
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    “Hej” from northern Sweden

    Warm greetings from Umeå, in Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. We emigrated here from the UK last year. And I think I’m about to buy a 2019 Subaru Levorg GT-S... talking to the dealer today about the car in the photo. It is an ex-demonstrator, being sold now that the MY2019 is being...