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    Levorg vs Legacy (2004-2009)

    Hi all I currently own an Outback and a Legacy. Both are 4th generation BP cars (so estate, 2003-2009 MY). The Outback has the 245BHP H6 engine, the Legacy has the 165BHP flat four. I was very curious how the Levorg stacks up against those cars and today I got to testdrive a 2020 Levorg with...
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    Engine choice

    Hi all Need some input on engine choice. In Europe, we got 2 engine options: 1.6DiT with 125kW / 170BHP and 250Nm 2.0i (N/A) with 110kW / 150BHP and 198Nm Recent cars all came with the 2.0 engine, the cars between 2015 and 2019 came with the 1.6. I've never spend this kind of money on any car...
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    Bilstein B16 - anyone tried them?

    Hi all I'm eager to go out and testdrive a Levorg (in Europe all cars will be 1.6DIT cars), but the problems with the stock suspension everybody is talking about is putting me off. In Belgium, parts need to have TÜV (or GOCA) certificates in order to install them on a car, so options are...
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    Hello from Belgium

    Hi all My name is Thomas and I live in Belgium (near Brussels). I do not own a Levorg (yet), but fell in love with them when I saw one in the flesh back in 2015. After a few French cars, a couple of Alfa Romeos, I finally switched to Japanese cars starting with an SG Forester, followed by an H6...