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  1. Arkatee

    Hello from roundabout city.

    Milton Keynes.
  2. Arkatee

    Seat memory

    They have it in Australia.
  3. Arkatee

    Seat memory

    Annoyingly, my UK 1.6 GT doesn't come with drivers seat memory. Anybody retrofitted this? Do other Euro spec cars have it? I presume the wiring is already in place.
  4. Arkatee

    Spec difference between the years

    As far as I know, there's very little difference between the years compared to the Imprezas you mention. Just software mainly, no real changes inside or out.
  5. Arkatee

    The Levorg wheel fitment topic

    8.5x18 ET55 WRX STI 245/40 R18 Standard suspension
  6. Arkatee

    The Levorg wheel fitment topic

    7.5x17 ET45 Traklite Gear 225/50 R17 Standard suspension
  7. Arkatee

    boot gas strunts or springs

    Part number is 63269VA001 (right) and 63269VA011 (left).
  8. Arkatee

    Wheel offset and tyre advice

    The WRX STI wheels I had on my car were 18x8.5, with an offset of +55, so I think a +40 would be too much. Enkei do an 18x8 et 45. This is a good comparison site:
  9. Arkatee

    Aftermarket Fuse Box cover? Where's the Eyesight

    It's probably a road toll device. I've looked at the handbook, regarding fuses there isn't a fuse for Eyesight. Looking at my Eyesight manual, any faults are indicated on the eyesight display, which you don't seem to have. Best bet is a Subaru dealer or specialist.
  10. Arkatee

    Subaru Eyesight not working

    He has the eyesight adaptive cruise and lane assist buttons on the steering wheel. Eyesight was available in Japan long before Europe. Only two cameras, the middle one is the auto dip beam sensor.
  11. Arkatee

    G'day from Victoria Australia

    Not at all. I bought the car used with 32000 km on it. Previous owner maybe. Discs were done for too. Car drives like new though, currently on 56000 km.
  12. Arkatee

    G'day from Victoria Australia

    They must have different pads on Euro spec cars - my fronts were almost down to the metal at 40000km.
  13. Arkatee

    Hi from South Yorkshire

    I came to the Levorg from an Outback 3.0 too, and agree about fuel and VED. I have less of a performance deficit though. I got a Brink tow bar and fitted it myself, everything comes apart easily, and more important, goes back together easily too. Mine's a turbo, and has the auto dimming mirror...
  14. Arkatee

    Engine choice

    Ohlins do a set for the 2015> WRX which fit the Levorg (not sure about spring rates though), and they are tuv certified.
  15. Arkatee

    Engine choice

    Silvers (Neomax) have a distributor in Netherlands,
  16. Arkatee

    Blackvue dash cam dr900x-2ch

    Mine doesn't mess with the safety systems either - Eyesight is unaffected. Auto dipping headlamps is an unnecessary comfort feature which only works if the lights are on Auto, which I never use. I tried my Blackvue on the passenger side, and got a limited view of what's happening on the right...
  17. Arkatee

    Blackvue dash cam dr900x-2ch

    I have a Blackvue on my car, mounted centrally behind the mirror. It does obscure the sensor for headlamp auto dimming, but that's a feature I've never used anyway. It doesn't interfere with the EyeSight in any way. Rear camera is centrally mounted at the top, my car only has the reversing...
  18. Arkatee

    What's your Weekender or Project Car?

    Very nice. I used to have this classic Turbo 2000 wagon as my daily, with PPP, Prodrive Bilsteins, and Rays TE37s. Best handling car I've ever had.
  19. Arkatee

    G'day from Victoria Australia

    It could be the vacuum pump making this noise.
  20. Arkatee

    Spare wheel

    Yes, 80kph/50mph. Enough to get me to a tyre shop.