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  1. Arkatee

    Seat memory

    Annoyingly, my UK 1.6 GT doesn't come with drivers seat memory. Anybody retrofitted this? Do other Euro spec cars have it? I presume the wiring is already in place.
  2. Arkatee

    Steering rack issue

    My EDM 1.6GT is just coming up to 3 years old (27000 miles, 43000 km) and therefore the bumper to bumper warranty is about to expire. Right on cue, a few days ago I noticed a knock in the steering when rocking the steering wheel back and forth whilst stationary. Took it to my local dealer (50...
  3. Arkatee


    Only had her 2 months, now locked down, frustrating!
  4. Arkatee

    Change to 17" wheels

    My 1.6 GT came with the dealer option STI wheels - 18x8.5, running 245/40 tyres. Too much wheel for this car with my usage, especially for the great British B road. Car felt ponderous at times, the low speed ride was confused, and it tramlined a lot. So I sorted it out with very light (6.9kg)...
  5. Arkatee

    Bristol UK

    Picked up a 2017 1.6 GT today, eyesight model. STI wheels and body kit. This is my 7th successive Subaru, my last was an '09 Outback 3.0R. I'm looking forward to getting to know it.