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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Rosh, Jan 4, 2018.

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    Jan 2, 2018
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    Hi, thanks so much for the add to the group. I thought I should introduce my self. My name is Rosh and live in Tasmania. Now before you say anything about Tasmania let me tell you we have the best roads with no traffic lol We have owned in the past 6 WRX 's and a couple of Foresters. A couple of days ago we traded my heavily modified 06 XT Forester in and my wife's 2016 WRX STI in on a GTS Levorg 2.0l. Some people will think that's crazy but the situation is as follows. The STI sits in he garage most of the time, my wife takes it to work three days a week and that's it. I also have a MX5 turbo SP edition that sits in the garage comes out twice a month on club runs. So we have three cars and only really use the Forrester as our daily drive. We have a dog hence why we had the Forester. I felt like we had two cars that just sat there not being used to there potential. So we talked it over and decided let's get the Levorg as our daily. It will fit the dog, tow the trailer ect. I joked and said if the STI and my Forester had a clone it would be like a Lervorg .This way we will use both cars the Levorg as the daily and MX5 as a second car and my wife can take to work or the Levorg. We still have a manual in the MX5 and a superbly handling vehicle. Also we have a practical wagon in the Levorg that will be still up with the power we are use too.

    I will be asking a few questions and appreciate any advice. Should have delivery of the Levorg in a couple of weeks. Got it in crystal white.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Your wife had a WRX STI....very cool indeed!
    I will be interested to see if you mod the Levorg - Like standard WRXs, the stock tune can be improved upon.

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