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    Hi all. Just thought I’d introduce myself. Upgrading my 2010 Liberty GT wagon (black) for an STI Levorg. (Black) Pick up in 9 days. :) But who’s counting.
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    New Levorg coming

    Hi guys. Second thread here. Just wondering if anyone is experience with Ceramic paint protection from Subaru and their thoughts on if it’s worth it or not? Ive been doing some research, but hard to find unbiased opinions. Thanks
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    Levorg issues

    Hi guys. New here. I’m 10 years in with my 2010 Liberty GT premium Black wagon and it’s time for an upgrade to the Levorg STI or GT. At around the 5th year my Liberty transmission crapped itself. Was going to cost me upwards of 7.5k to fix the computer in the transmission. I wasn’t happy after...