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  1. KAWAsam
    Taiwan is a beautiful island
  2. manumissio
    manumissio VashX
    The same for "member" NeronasG
  3. manumissio
    manumissio VashX
    Hallo VashX, Can the crap of BrantDor and his account be removed? He is just polluting our forum.
  4. KH@CH
    KH@CH Keithb
    Hi Keithb,
    My name is Kien, from Castle Hill, NSW. I read your post about the Dunlop stock tyres on the Levorg and you said you still have three in your garage. Are they still available ? I punctured mine and could not find anyone has them in stock around Sydney.
  5. Stumpvold
    Stumpvold VashX
    Hey Vash,
    We have a small issue with the verification link, new members are not able to register. Could you look into this maybe?
    1. VashX
      Thanks for bringing this up. I have fixed it.
      May 27, 2018
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  6. glenn darling
    glenn darling ozkan bicer
    I have a 2016 WRX and am looking around for the Levorg dash trim to put on my car but all I'm only finding RHD compatible pieces. Do you know of somewhere I could purchase these trim pieces for LHD?
  7. Riphur
    Riphur ozkan bicer
    Have you some information for the fitment of mudflap rallyarmor on the levorg ?
    You have buy WRX/STI 2015+ sedan model ?
    Thanks !
  8. derekwarner_decoy
    Derek Warner Honorary Secretary [Retired] Illawarra Live Steamers Co-op Australia
  9. Gogo
    Hello everyone from the Czech Republic
    "Wagons are such sensible cars." I said to no-one, ever.
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  11. j.l.c
    j.l.c LevorgBlackOut
    Hi mate do you Still have that exhaust for sale?
  12. Outbackmack
    3 Days into the MY18 STI.
    1. Outbackmack
      Goes and rides very nice. Handles like a dream No all that happy that it won’t link to the phone via STARLINK
      Nov 2, 2017
  13. Grovel
    Grovel Simmo1800
    Hi Simmo, Whats going on?
    1. Simmo1800
      Hi Grovel,
      One week into my Levorg, very happy with it, great to Subaru making a turbo wagon again.
      Bought a set of GT wheels and Tyres 3 months before I purchased car.
      Full sized original wheel fits in spare wheel well, so no worrying about a flat Tyre and having to do 80K's

      Aug 31, 2017
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  14. Simmo1800
    Hi all,
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  15. iad
    White 2017 GT-S
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  16. anakinsky
    anakinsky ozkan bicer
    Thanks Ozcan,
    Few holes in the bumper? I understand you fit the WRX grille into the chrome Levorg bezel... Why did you drill holes in the bumper?
  17. anakinsky
    anakinsky ozkan bicer

    I have a question for you: was it very hard to DIY and fit the WRX grille to Levorg?

    Best regards,
    1. ozkan bicer
      ozkan bicer
      Not really, you will need a few brackets and drill a few holes in the bumper.
      Jul 25, 2017
  18. anakinsky
    anakinsky Stumpvold
    1. Stumpvold
      Hi Przemek,

      I updated the thread, hope it helps!
      Jul 22, 2017
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  19. Isabelle Gremper
    Isabelle Gremper
    Having lots of fun with my special car/friend. The expectations of the Levorg are very good day after day. Proud to be a Subaru fan/driver.
  20. Wattie
    No Worries