GTS Front END Suspension Bottoming out

Discussion in 'Subaru Levorg General Discussion' started by Robbon, May 1, 2017.

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    Nov 2, 2017
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    Hi all
    Have just picked up MY18 Levorg STI.
    Front Suspension still bottoms out.
    The ride is excellent until you hear the hard THUMP. Slowing down to 80kph on Roads with deep manhole covers decreases the frequency of it happening though.
    Haven’t driven the older model, but have read through above posts and I reckon it’s an improvement.
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    Nov 20, 2016
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    Brisbane/ Aus
    It's quite unfortunate that it appears you have received one of the throw backs. Problems can and do occur which is frustrating for us owners.
    A chap i know purchased a MY18 WRX and has already had the turbo replaced due to faulty workmanship in the factory build.

    Hind sight is a damned thing, kicking myself that i didn't clear vinyl wrap the front of my car as the acid from the insect death's leaves a permanent stain. Paint protection didn't save the day eh.

    Not quite sure what has caused your 'sand blasted' effect. I've driven on quite a few unsealed roads yet stayed well behind the vehicle in front to avoid damage.

    After experiencing the stock suspension on the GT variant, it was grossly inadequate for someone who's driving on Australian roads.
    I found much comfort after replacing the below average suspension with MCA coil overs.
    Subaru is well aware they GOT IT WRONG yet as always with a lot of these corporations... will never admit to it.

    Personally i've not had any issue's with the hands free speaker phone set up. Iphone 6S run thru the bluetooth portal.
    Receiving person hears me clearly yet i do tend to talk louder whilst on a phone call in the car.

    For me, with little initial disappointment, i've managed to modify the car to my requirements and comfort level.
    Cannot say that i've ever purchased a vehicle that ticked all the boxes straight up.

    Hope you can eventually get solace in your Levorg.
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    Apr 26, 2017
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