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    So, new owner of a Levorg. Bought a demo-car that just had passed 10000 km, Lapis Blue Pearl and GT-S Spec which means all the bells and whistles.

    Actually we were looking for a SUV, looked at VW Tiguan, Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV4 and we tried several cars. Since I have wife and two kids, and also part-time musician with a lot of instruments to travel with I needed my luggage. And all the SUV (in reasonable budget-area) had too small boots. So while we were looking at Hyundai Tucson we also fell over this Levorg at the same dealer. And after a test-drive me and my wife (who isn't a great car-fan) were sure. This is the one.

    The car before this was an Audi A6 Allroad -14 with 3.0 TDi, a company car that I needed to leave since I changed my job. A lovely car considering comfort, raw power and refinement, but also a bit clumsy and large considering that it wasn't the largest car on the inside. However I knew that I wouldn't get the same comfort (air suspension) or raw power (255 BHP, and 600 NM) in the next car, but wanted something fun and a bit different.

    So far I have driven 2000 km and are very pleased. No it isn't as comfortable nor quick as the Audi, it hasn't the same luxury feel in the interior as Audi manages to give. But it's much more fun to drive, easier to handle and I feel more as the petrolhead I am in this car. The Chassi is comparable to the BMW E91 I used to drive previously at my job and that is meant as praise to the Levorg. Thats even before I have been driving the var in winter, where it probably will shine even more (especially since the BMW was RWD only, fun but not efficient in the winter).

    The only things I am not so pleased with is mainly the infotainment system. I have the full nav-system and to be honest, it's crap compared to all other systems on the market right now. The NAV works and shows me the right way, but the UI is not logical and slow as an computer from the 90-s. The so called phone integration is a joke, I downloaded starlink, but uninstalled it after a while. Luckily the bluetooth-streaming is working quite ok, but I still need to choose songs on the phone. Where is the CarPlay-integration that almost everyone else has??? The voice command is slow and only works in English, so I can set my system in my native language but if I want to use the vice command I have to set the whole system to English...
    Considering that it's a Japanese car, from a country that usually are brilliant in technical gadgets this is a disappointment.
    Other than this issue, the only major downside is the fuel-consumption, but I was aware of it before the purchase, 8,6L/100km was what I was told, and that is quite correct, even though I have been able to get it down to 6,3L/100km on some driving. However considering this is a 1,6 turbo Engine with 170 HP it's not extreme. I read a test in a Swedish magazine where they compared the Levorg to a Golf Alltrack 180 TSI and they were impressed by the low consumption of the Levorg in comparison. So it's what you compare to... I'e been driving diesels the last three cars...

    I'm not much of a styling-freak, I like cars as they were designed but can appreciate small changes that makes the car even better, noticed some of you changed DRL-lights and such. I will probably not make any major changes to mine but am looking forward in seeing what can be made.

    Besides car driving I also have a motorcycle, an MotoGuzzi Norge 1200 and as mentioned before play a lot of music. In my daily work I am a project-leader at a software-developer.

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