Hopefully importing JDM GT-S to replace SG9 Forester

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Jamie Watson, Mar 2, 2018.

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    Mar 2, 2018
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    South Co. Dublin, Ireland
    Hi there,

    Just sold my SG9 Forester after leaving the UK. Certain factors made it impossible to export at the time, so it's gone to a friend for now.
    Since we've arrived in Ireland we've picked-up an '08 1.8l Honda Stream as a family (toddler and large dog) car. MPG is great and the Mrs loves it but it's gutless and I'm missing the AWD and performance from the Subaru, especially in the current #BeastFromTheEast weather we've been receiving.

    We test-drove a 1.6l Eyesight model in the local Subaru dealership (http://www.castlegarage.ie) but found it somewhat lacking in the 'pep' I'd become used to in my modified '06 2.5l XT.

    While shopping around for a cheaper family car to fill the gap we got talking to http://www.airsidemotorcentre.ie/ who import all their cars from Japan. The guys there were great and I was impressed at how they spoke to my wife about cars (she knows more than most and they didn't try to simplify things or talk down to her like other garages had).
    During the conversation the chap I was speaking to was asking about my car and mentioned they'd just imported a Spec B Legacy STI. It was 'tastefully' modified and immaculate inside and out. Not quite right for me but they did give me some sites and auctions to check, and offered to import something special if I saw a car that was suitable.

    Well, having been very local to my last UK Subaru dealership (http://www.ktgreen-subaru.co.uk/) I'd seen a lot of nice examples of imports there and the guys were following the current BTCC Levorg results closely.
    It ticks all the boxes for me and while doing some pre-import research I found this site, so long story short I'm in the market for a 2.0 GT-S as a fast daily and occasional family car.

    I'll be doing some reading through the posts here now that I've joined, so if anyone has tips or tales I'd welcome them all!

    Cheers for having us.

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    Would love to hear your progress Jamie. Am in the UK and have a 1.6. Also struggle with the pep though for me it is mainly the sleepy CVT not sure 2.0 will fix that dolt but maybe. Tbh I think it is a sw issue the CVT seems capable of changing gear just chooses not to most times.
    Anyway I added the tdi-tuning box and it does help (pops up to 206 bhp). Also swapped tyres for Goodyear efficient grip. Slightly mushy (but so is whole levorg steering setup in UK) but get notably improved mpg. So jack of both now. But yes I sorely missed my Impreza GB270.
    Are there any dashboard display issues when converting from JDM to Ireland?

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