Selling Subaru Levorg Rowen/Valenti tail lights

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    As I didn´t see anywhere else to sell stuff on this forum, I guess this is the place (correct me if I am wrong).

    Anyway, I am selling brand new Rowen / Valenti tail lights with sequential blinkers for Levorg.
    Lights were never mounted on the car because my Subaru workshop said they would have to cut some wires to make it work, because of different wiring standard between JDM Levorg and Swedish one (turning on the blinkers would turn on the tail lights instead and vice versa).
    I didn´t want them to cut any wires and it wasn´t possible to return them, as I ordered them from, so I decided to sell the lights instead.
    This is how they look like when they are on the car:

    You can see pictures on this link (shared folder from Google Drive):

    Original price + imports from Japan costed me around 830 euros (730 GBP or 1300 AUD).
    Price, which includes shipping, I am asking for is 620 euros (550 GBP or 980 AUD).

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