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    GTS Wheels

    Hi Have a new set (4) GTS wheels and tyres and centre caps. Tyres still have lines on treads. In Wollongong NSW txt me on 0404874189 if interested Simmo
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    That "Knock"?

    Wilco Thanks for your reply, hope that was your problem and it’s fixed. Simmo
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    That "Knock"?

    It’s a big unit.
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    That "Knock"?

    Oi Wilco Did you find out what’s knocking, my 2.0 GT makes a noise from wheel arch area as well, I think it’s coming from the dreaded CVT Simmo
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    Windscreen sun shade

    Ebay, from UK Waterproof with Subaru embossed on headrests
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    Windscreen sun shade

    Ordered mine from Japarts, thanks for link AKKO, slow delivery but worth the wait, good quality and comes with steering wheel cover that I thought was a bit of a joke but actually works well keeping sun off leather and all those steering wheel buttons. Simmo.
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    Windscreen sun shade

    Thanks AKKO I’ll check out link Simmo
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    Windscreen sun shade

    Is there a preferred or Subaru original asseccories sunshade made to fit front windscreen, avoiding those eyesight cameras
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    Hi Grovel, One week into my Levorg, very happy with it, great to Subaru making a turbo...

    Hi Grovel, One week into my Levorg, very happy with it, great to Subaru making a turbo wagon again. Bought a set of GT wheels and Tyres 3 months before I purchased car. Full sized original wheel fits in spare wheel well, so no worrying about a flat Tyre and having to do 80K's Simmo
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    Hi from Simmo

    Just picked up my GT Levorg, Lapis Blue with Explorer pack. Big step up from my Gen3 RX 2.5 Liberty. Going to black out chrome trim on door tops, already have a full sized spare that fits in wheel well, 80Kmph Steel spare gone. Regards Simmo.
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    Hi all,

    Hi all,