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Jonny Teabag

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Dec 22, 2016
Pendle Lancashire UK
Thanks for all the kind replies... This year was the second time we have been overseas into mainland Europe in our Levorg and driving there is an absolute revelation. The continual policy of renewing roads on the continent is mind blowing. Here in the UK we are so used to bodging our crumbling goat tracks that we British just accept that this is normal. The lack of traffic on the roads outside of major cities is also astonishing with the added lack of speed cameras and clear open roads mean that progress can be as swift as you want it to be. The standard of driver training and practice is also light years ahead of UK driving. Very often I will be setting what I feel to be a fast pace down a deserted country road to find the odd local driver who catches up and usually overtakes like there are no speed rules on the road. On the seemingly "unrestricted" country roads it made me wish I was driving my daughter's car IMG-20171004-WA0003.jpg (but not filling it up)!!!!
Drive safe.