UK levorg updates

Jan 9, 2020
Subaru UK has only shifted 991 cars so far since March 2020 to date. Some motoring magazines here are speculating that sooner or later, Subaru will be withdrawing from the UK market after Mitsubishi Motors. And being unable to supply or unwilling to import vehicles that can compete with other manufacturers who can supply 4x4 drive vehicles (albeit mostly part time on demand) with better economy and performance, Subaru just doesn't figure anymore near the top of the list of the average car buyer, unfortunately.
Crikey. Didn't know it was that bad. It was 1,658 units in Sweden 2020/1-2020/12 (including just 1 Levorg), for a country with a population 1/6th of the UK.


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Jun 23, 2014
that's especially sad considering that UK and japan are both RHD. Not as if they had to re-engineer half the car for another market...

And as it's from Japan, it's not as if Brexit would cause a huge deal for them - they still have to do customs and stuff. And on the car legislation, well, kit car anyone ? If you can build a trike in your shed, a worldwide car manufacturer surely can sell there...

Yeah, overall disappointed I'd say, even if not impacted (pfew)