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    New Levorg Owner in UK with Question on Infotanement System

    Hi J500BY, I can't remember as it was when I got the car three years ago, it definitely beeped near cameras were supposed to be located, fixed points anyway and what was considered dangerous junctions. I can't remember if it showed the camera symbol, I think that it did. I'm in Peterborough and...
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    New Levorg Owner in UK with Question on Infotanement System

    J50OBY, it's in the menu settings but be warned, it's irritating. Turn on the head unit, when it's ready select Map, then Menu, then Settings. There's a option to turn on warnings in that drop down menu. Depending on what you've selected from the list (I can tell you my experience because I'd...
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    Whirring noise is transmission

    Hi, I just saw your worn seat picture while reviewing all recent posts. I never bothered with my steering wheel, I put creams on my hands that may accelerate the wear on that. Ironically right on the edge of that fold stitching my drivers seat bore the same fraying, which my local Subaru dealer...
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    1.6 transmission ECU

    Hi George, It's not unusual to have a new build car these days and have it parked up at a dealer awaiting the arrival of spare parts. Vehicles these days are built to the 'just in time to be fitted' assembly principle. What doesn't sound right is the lack of a courtesy car while yours is off the...
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    Warranty Claims - what has gone wrong with your levorg?

    We tend to moan about not receiving the 2.0 turbo Levorg, but it sounds like a blessing in disguise with the issues that you guys in Australia and New Zealand have suffered! I've only suffered issues with the audio unit, (it was still working) and I would have never known about the final problem...
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    Cannot access menu and saying no map card inserted

    To stand any chance of your stereo units satnav to work, you would need someone in Trinidad to have a satnav the same as what is in built to your stereo and to copy the information from it. Bearing in mind that these days, the information is no longer on a SD card, it's inbuilt, you'll have a...
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    Wheel refurbishment

    Yes I have, several times. but yours seem to have corroded as well. The alloys are diamond cut which makes it pricier to fix. I refurbished 4 of mine for £408 in February 2019 (you've got some very tall kerbs in parts of London, my Levorg was actually beached on a kerb by the bodykit sideskirts...
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    UK levorg updates

    Subaru UK has only shifted 991 cars so far since March 2020 to date. Some motoring magazines here are speculating that sooner or later, Subaru will be withdrawing from the UK market after Mitsubishi Motors. And being unable to supply or unwilling to import vehicles that can compete with other...
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    Steering rack issue

    Okay, it's just my poor driving skills, and that semi lifeless electric power steering that's responsible for my badly kerbed alloy wheel then! ;)
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    Steering rack issue

    Now you've got me curious as to how and why I've managed to kerb my nearside front alloy wheel (and badly at times) so often. I'm checking for that tomorrow after work, it's too cold now and the M.O.T's due in March 2021!
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    UK levorg updates

    Thank you Kash. The thought of seeing my ex pride and joy ragged around my area would surely kill me. I'll wait and see what my prospects of reemployment holds. If it's the pits, I'll trade it well out of my city, and hopefully, like my other Impreza's, I'll never see it again. But apart from...
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    UK levorg updates

    What a lovely itch to have, Kash ;) Make no mistake, the Levorg is a very nice car and unless you get the premium spec XV, the Levorg is not only a plusher car inside, it's performance is closer to the turbo'd Subaru of old. And so is it's fuel consumption! At least under my right foot...
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    Whirring noise is transmission

    I've recently heard noises similar to what you've described on my Levorg on lock, it's nearly four years old, Mine has only done 35,150 miles and I don't drive it hard being the 1.6 model. I read on another motoring forum of which I'm a member that this is a common thing (especially) regarding...
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    Automatic stop start disable???

    You're spot on, it doesn't save much fuel in my Levorg, around 500 odd millilitre the most I've ever recorded before I refilled the petrol tank. Mine doesn't kick in that often, most likely due to over 80% of my trips are less than 4 miles distance. On my wife's Renault Captur it's a absolute...