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    So over the past 7 months, I have been playing around with various suspension setups and doing a compare and contrast. For those in Australia, the factory Bilstein setup is rubbish. Below is the list of things I tried and results achieved. I understand that everyone has different opinions on what a car should handle like and the following was based on my preferences to achieve a fair ride for daily duties.

    Standard Bilstein Yellows revalved.
    Made a huge difference having the rear shocks revalved. I had them mated to standard springs, STI springs and RSR Ti2000 springs. However the car still felt unbalanced. But at $350 to have the rears revalved it's a cheap and effective way of improving the handling.

    MCA Street Essentials Coilovers.
    Setup was 20mm drop from standard and in 8kg front/6kg rear spring rates. In short, a very well built, good bang per buck upgrade if you are happy with a firmer type ride on the softer setting. It wasn't what I was out to achieve. These are a popular option amongst most but just not for me. For spirited driving, they gave great feeling and confidence. Maybe if fitted with a softer spring rate, a not as harsh ride may be achieved, but I never explored that avenue.

    Tien Flex Z Coilovers.
    Again with a 20mm drop from standard height and 5kg front and rear spring rates. Also a very well built product, but a very firm ride also even when set soft and ordered with softer spring rates.

    HKS Max GT Coilovers.
    If you value your spleen, do not buy these. Or install a solid steel bar where the shocks should be to achieve the same result. I've never experienced a ride like it. The simplest of daily duties like speed humps and driveway kerbs would send the trac control crazy as it lifts the wheels off the ground.

    Cusco Touring A Struts.
    Upon purchasing these I was rather sceptical. Cusco make a quality product but are also a very track orientated history so I had my doubts that I would find my happy medium here, let alone the perfect ride. Trying 3 different spring options all yielded a great result (standard, STI and RSR Ti2000), but I have settled with these struts and the RSR Ti2000. On a conservative daily street setting (23 clicks from soft front and 27 clicks from soft rear) I would call this the perfect balance of comfort and response. Bump them up to 37 clicks front/40 rear and it makes taking the twisties very fun without being stupidly harsh. Go to the higher end of the scale (44 front, 49 rear) and the feeling of firmness and solidity gives you the confidence to push hard. I think it's too harsh for street duties and more suited to track days etc.

    The above is certainly not the cheapest, but is definitely the best setup to suit the Levorgs in my opinion. Great for daily duties and easily tweaked if you want to drive in a more spirited manner. And I think that coupled with a larger rear sway bar will make our Levorg perfectly balanced all round

    All of the setups above were in the car for 2-3 weeks and driven on day to day roads, a run through the mountains, then finally a quick track session prior to removal. Obviously, a wheel alignment followed after each change.

    I will be adding a bigger rear adjustable swaybar to counter and correct the roll in the rear. I have also fitted SuperPro rear camber arms to resolve camber issues and tyre wear with the lowered springs.

    If anyone else has done any other research/comparisons on Levorg suspension, I would love to see your results and opinion.
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    Thanks for the report mate

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